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Time Tracking

AND.CO is the time tracking app that automatically generates your invoices based on your tracked time. It’s crazy easy to use, fast and available on all devices.

Time Tracking

Bill your time

AND.CO creates your invoices automatically based on your tracked time.

If you want to edit anything, select specific time-frames or activities or even invoice a complete custom amount of time, you can always do so via our super fast flow.

Bill your time

Catch up easily on your time sheets

Time Sheets, bah. At least we made it easy! Always easily catch up on your time sheets with our Time Tracking app. Your activities are automatically saved, so you just have to select them, tab your time and be done with it.

Catch up easily on your time sheets

Desktop App

Track time right from your Desktop, with AND.CO’s desktop app for Mac. Or via any modern browser on the Web App.

Desktop App

The Time Tracking App That Does More


Your invoices are created automatically based on your time sheets. Automatically. Yes. No need to manually create them.

Invoice in your currency

Easily track your time by project and activity.

Group activities by anything

When you invoice, group your activities by day, activity or don’t show them at all. You’re in control.

Share Time Sheets

Easily share time sheets with client and keep them up to date in real-time.

Multi-Device Tracking

Start tracking on your mobile phone, continue on your desktop.

Time Stats

Get deeper insights into how you spend your time. (coming soon)

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