SOLO – An exploration of New York’s rising independent creative class

In the alleyways, back kitchens and matchbox studios tucked away in countless of bustling, yet remarkably unglamorous, neighborhoods wedged within the most vibrant city in the world, there’s magic is happening. Every damn day.

New York’s professional style understated yet relentless. Showing up, doing your best—and doing things a little differently—is the mantra of millions of people who rise with the sun to chase their dreams. With a little luck, and a lot of sweat, millions of men and women are making their career ambitions happen, and doing so outside of the traditional career path.

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AND.CO’s film “SOLO NYC” is an intimate look at the trials and triumphs of New York’s rising class of creative freelancers. It features Helen Levi, Alex Trochut, Adriana Urbina and Zipeng Zhu and is directed by award-winning creative and filmmaker Daniel Soares.

Beginning with its launch film, SOLO is elevating the stories of independent creatives, visiting them at home or in their studios to shed light on the unique challenges and opportunities experienced by freelancers across various industries.

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AND.CO is making the workforce more productive by helping people do the work they love most.

AND.CO is making the workforce more productive by helping people do the work they love most.

»Less hassle, more hustle.«

AND.CO’s Freelancing Software for example, helps independent workers manage their businesses from proposal to payment. Based in New York City, AND.CO has collaborated with the Freelancers Union to create the first-ever Standard Freelance Contract, designed to help protect the rights of freelancers following the passing of the Freelance Isn’t Free Act in 2016.

The company has authored two books on how to transition to the freelance lifestyle (Welcome To Your Independence, ANYWHERE – A Handbook for Digital Nomads, by Digital Nomads), and curates a weekly newsletter, The Gig List, that surfaces the top ten remote and contract-based roles in a given week.

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Directed by Daniel Soares Produced by AND.CO Featuring Alex Trochut, Helen Levi, Zipeng Zhu, Adriana Urbina Director of Photography Anna Solano Editor Alvaro Del Val Colorist Joe Wenkoff 1st AC Alex Kosorukov Post Production Uppercut Music by Nordmeister, Unseen Music, Almkvist, Steven Gutheinz Sound Brian Bernard
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