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Beautiful Proposals For Freelancers In Seconds

Win more business with customizable proposals. Save time and money, create proposals within seconds and get paid at signing.

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Beautiful Proposals For Freelancers In Seconds

Create customized proposals in seconds

Easily create new proposals with just a few clicks. Add your own branding, images and custom slides that sell you and your work.

Create customized proposals in seconds

Get paid at signing

Accept payments straight from your proposal. Simply have them sign your proposal and pay you right away in the same step.

Get paid at signing

Collect deposits

Charge your deposit at signing or automatically create and send invoices for the deposit, making sure you get paid before you work.

Collect deposits

Embed the Standard Freelance Contract

Need a contract as well? Simply embed the the Standard Freelance Contract from AND.CO and the Freelancers Union with one click.

Embed the Standard Freelance Contract

And much more:


Sign and approve proposals and contracts online.

Automatic Invoices

Your invoices automatically created based on your proposal’s terms.

Automatic Reminders

The app automatically sends reminders to your clients to remind them to approve your proposals.

Define Milestones

Easily set multiple milestones, phases, deposits and other project terms.

Smart Alerts

Receive alerts that keep you updated on everything from when the proposal was viewed to when it’s signed.

Attach Files

Got another document the client needs to see? Just attach it to the proposal.

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