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The Mission

Make the workforce more productive by letting people do the work they love most.

Happy people are more productive.

A study by economists at the University of Warwick found that happiness in the workplace led to a 12% spike in productivity, while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive.

When you think about it, these research findings are pretty intuitive. When we enjoy the work we’re doing, feel a sense of purpose and understand the outcome of our efforts, we are more motivated to do our best work.

As people increasingly seek out opportunities to diversify their income, we are finding that our responsibilities diversify (and proliferate), as well. Suddenly, we’re not exclusively focused on our core skill. Now, we also must manage a litany of tasks that we might not be excited about: managing finances, navigating legal hurdles, entering negotiations, and having serious conversations with clients we never had to do in our full-time gigs. In turn, it’s rare that a full-time job keeps you busy with only work you enjoy most.

At AND.CO, we believe these three attributes are most important for you to be happy at work and therefore be your most productive self:

  • Freedom

    The freedom to focus on the work you want to do, be that across one employer or several.

  • Responsibility

    A clear understanding of your goals and the autonomy you need to reach them.

  • Purpose

    The belief that your work has an impact and the understanding of what that impact is.

+ Responsibility = Happiness = Productivity
+ Purpose

At AND.CO, we’re building the infrastructure that enables people to focus on the work they love most. It creates the most productive workforce ever, and that is good for people’s happiness and the economy.

Woot Woot,

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Leif & Martin
Co-founders, AND.CO

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