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Invoicing software that helps you get paid

Send fast invoices online with AND.CO. This smart invoicing app automatically creates invoices for you and alerts you when they’re viewed or paid.

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Invoicing software that helps you get paid

Invoice in 20 seconds or less

AND.CO creates invoices for you automatically based on your contracts and projects. No need to lift a finger (other than to hit ‘send’!).

Invoice faster with AND.CO
Invoice in 20 seconds or less

Accept payments directly on your invoice

Easy and secure payments directly embedded into your invoicing. Start accepting Credit Cards and ACH payments online right from your invoices.

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Accept payments directly on your invoice

Receive payment reminders

AND.CO tells you if a client is late in paying their bill and reminds them of their duty of payment. Receive invoice payment alerts on your desktop, mobile phone or even Slack.

Get payment alerts
Receive payment reminders

Send online invoices from anywhere

With AND.CO’s mobile app, invoicing on-the-go is simple and everything is synced across all your devices. So you can stay on top of your billing and cash flow, no matter where you are.

Send your first invoice
Send online invoices from anywhere

More invoicing features:

Integrates with time tracking

Track your time with AND.CO and have your invoices created automatically. No need to manually input the hours you’re billing for.

Invoice in your currency

Simply set your currency and our invoicing software will create the appropriate invoice.

Get payment alerts

Connect your bank account and you’ll receive alerts when your client pays your invoice.

Attach any files

Are there other documents your client needs from you along with their bill? Go ahead and attach them to your invoice.

Customize your invoice

Present a professional image of your brand by adding your own logo and color scheme to your invoices.

Apply discounts

Add percentage or fixed discounts to your invoices.

Set up recurring invoicing

Working on a weekly or monthly gig? Simply create recurring invoices so you can set and forget. No need to chase clients for payment.

Invoice in milestones

Set milestones for every project, get alerts when they’re reached and have the invoice prepared automatically.

Turn proposals into invoice

Create professional proposals for your freelance work and turn them straight into invoices once the contract has been signed. Never double up on work.

Start invoicing now

Invoicing FAQs

Can I try out your invoicing software?

Sure! Simply create an account and you’ll be able to send invoices to your first client. If you’d like to invoice more than one active client, you can choose to upgrade to a Pro account.

What’s included on an AND.CO invoice?

All the important stuff! Every AND.CO invoice will include your contact details, your client’s, the date the invoice is sent, the due date, and a detailed list of your work and charges, as well as the total amount due. Try it out for free so you can see for yourself!

How do I accept payments online for my invoices?

Simply create your own online ‘PayMe’ page from with AND.CO’s invoicing app and you can add your own PayPal, Stripe or WePay accounts

How will I know if my invoice has been viewed?

AND.CO sends you alerts (via email, in-app notification or even Slack) when clients view your invoices—never hear ‘I didn’t receive it’ again!

More invoicing resources

We’re on a mission to make invoicing more simple and less of a drag for freelancers. Outside of our invoicing tool, here are some resources we’ve created to make sending invoices easier.

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